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Invest In Ubuntu Fine Art

Ubuntu Fine Art is proud to present an awesome way to invest directly in the success of Ubuntu Fine Art.  By collaborating with Honeycomb Credit, we can crowd-source a loan with your support.  Click the button below for more details!!

Dear Friends of Ubuntu Fine Art,

We have created a dynamic way for you directly invest in Ubuntu Fine Art Gallery! We are looking to expand on what Ubuntu Fine Art provides to the community of Germantown, by allowing you to invest directly into the gallery. Rather than dealing with a bank loan (banks can take months to approve loans) or getting funding from online lenders (the interest cost on these can be astronomical), we are working with an innovative company called Honeycomb Credit. Their platform allows us to run an investment campaign ( where my friends, family, collectors, and those who believe in the mission of Ubuntu Fine Art, can invest in a small business loan for us. It's similar to GoFundMe, except you get your money back with interest. 


We are really excited to offer this opportunity to our close network. This capital will be critical in helping the business grow.

Ubuntu to the World!!

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