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"Triumph On Chew Ave Collection" Triumph on Chew Ave reinforces Taylor’s philosophy that by being steadfast with continually courting a “Sunny Disposition,” no setback can impact how triumphant this bright light from Chew Ave. can be!

"The Time Thief Collection" The Time Thief Collection is Taylor's inaugural collection for Ubuntu Fine Art. This 21 piece collection outlines his journey in becoming "The Time Thief."

"SA Blues' - Luxury Coffee Table Book." SA Blues' was created with the intention that joy can be had even in the context of poverty. We examine "Melissa's Letter" and use it as the contextual eyes in which we view SA Blues'. Our Wooden Coffee Table Book is hand-bound and printed on silk pages that are reinforced. This book measures 12 x 12 inches, weighs over 10 lbs, and is sure to invoke thought and spark conversation.

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